Twenty-six years ago, Tammy Calderon walked onto the Skyline College Campus as a freshman in the Cosmetology Department.  She went on to complete a Cosmetology certificate in the fall of 1988 and in the spring of 1992, earned an Associate in Science degree.

Coming full circle from student to instructor, on August 19, 2013 Tammy had the opportunity to welcome 29 freshmen students into the Skyline College Cosmetology Program.  The students who are anxious to start their journey in becoming professional hairstylists will learn the necessary skills to serve this campus community of students, staff, faculty, and public through a variety of cosmetology services including haircuts, manicures, hair color, perms and even facials.

Cosmetology Students
Skyline College Cosmetology Students

Tammy believes that upon completion of their Cosmetology certificate, some of these students will continue their education and complete their Associate degrees.  When asked, Tammy says, “I did and I can honestly say, IT WAS WORTH IT!”

Tammy Calderon
Tammy Calderon

To make an appointment for Skyline College Cosmetology services call (650) 738-4165 or just come to building 4.