Hermanos/as  End of the Year Celebration
Students at Hermanos/as EOY 2013 Celebration

On Thursday, May 16, 2013 over 125 Hermanos and Hermanas students, family members, mentors, community members, and friends attended the Hermanos/as End of the Year Celebration to celebrate the wonderful achievements of the Hermanos/as students and the commencement of their higher education at Skyline College.  This extraordinary event included a keynote speech by Ivan Martinez, a former Hermano, a speech by Santos Alvarez, a current Hermano student, and awards for all of the Hermanos and Hermanas students. The awards recognized High School Hermanos and Hermanas as well as current Skyline College Hermanos and Hermanas. Additional recognitions included German Valencia receiving the Community Leadership Award and the Shining Star Awards given to Dania Delgadillo, Alex Delgadillo, Natalia Zaragoza, and Daniel Jimenez. The event was coordinated by Aricka Bueno, the Hermanos/as Counselor and Instructor. The Hermanos/as Programs provides academic instruction, mentoring, and family support for Latino/students with the goal of preparing students to transition out of high school and into college with confidence along with gaining the academic and personal skills needed to succeed.  The event was a true collaboration between the students and their families, the community, and Skyline College. The strong presence of the students’ family members was indicative of the interest that Latino/a parents have in their children’s education and the importance of family to the success of Latino/a students. A special thanks goes out to all of the Hermanas/os students for their hard work throughout the year! Many of the high school students will be joining us here in the Fall as Skyline College students! Congratulations to all of the graduating Hermanos and Hermanas!

Article by Aricka Bueno.  Photography by Raul Guerra.