The International Student Club (ISC) hosted a bowling event at Classic Bowling Center in Daly City for international students as a midterm de-stressing activity. The executive board members of ISC made the exciting decision to take the students to the Bowling Center where they can enjoy their time and enjoy the off-campus activity. Over 20 students signed up for this event and more than ten people joined the Bowling Event.

The Club’s President, Hnin Thandar Win, and VP of External Affairs, Mabel Lynn checked-in the students in front of the building 4 roundabout and ISC advisor, Sirreck Brown, borrowed a van from the Athletic Department and drove some students to the Bowling Center. Other students joined us at the Bowling Center. The students and officers stayed there for four hours to bowl, making friends with each other and to de-stress from studying for the upcoming midterms.

So far, the International Student Club has hosted a Meet & Greet, a Discord Game Night, a Student Panel, Board Game Parties, and this Bowling Event for Spring 2023. They will be hosting many more exciting opportunities and events like a beach clean-up. If you want to be a part of International Student Club, please email to The ISC will also be recruiting new officers for the 2023-24 term, so stay tuned!

Article and Photos by Hnin Thandar Win

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