An online survey was administered in Fall 2015 in response to the October 2013 Accreditation recommendation to improve Institutional Effectiveness that the College complete a systematic review of its integrated planning and resource allocation cycle (Standards I.B, I.B.6, I.B.7). Questions pertained to familiarity with the cycle, understanding the role of each component (e.g., the Annual Program Plan, Comprehensive Program Review, Administrative Leadership Unit Reviews, Strategic Priorities, Outcome Assessments, and Educational Master Plan), alignment with resource allocation processes, timing and feedback loops. Preliminary results were highlighted and discussed at the October meeting of the Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC).

Approximately 43% of Skyline College employees responded to the survey. Responses revealed that information about the cycle is readily available for those who wish to engage. But more can be done to convey the role of each component and how each is aligned. Responses also revealed that two areas are in need of improvement, both of which will be weighed as the College refines its cycle. The first is engagement; survey responses suggested that additional efforts can be directed to engage more faculty and staff in processes related to planning and resource allocation at the department, program, and institutional level. The second is communication; the feedback loop, especially so on resource allocation decision-making processes, needs to be strengthened.

The College is moving forward in addressing these concerns. The alignment of the planning and resource allocation cycle has been improved, as reflected in the flow chart which will soon be available on the Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness website. Secondly, a technology solution will be implemented to help manage the cycle and provide a better feedback loop on allocation decisions.

Download the complete results.

Article by Karen Wong