Dr. Tressie McMillan CottomAs part of our Events at Home Series, the Foundation will be presenting a very timely talk on March 30 from 5:30-6:30pm by CSM Professor Seon-Hye Moon: Can Dolly Save Us? Examining American Exceptionalism Through a Black Feminist Perspective.

The past few years have been Dolly years. What drives our current cultural fascination–and worship–of Dolly Parton? How can we read this alongside the realities of our #BlackLivesMatter and the #MeToo movements? Is there a connection? This talk will explore these questions through the work of Black feminist scholars.

All the information and a photo can be found here: https://foundation.smccd.edu/events-at-home-women.php.

Professor Seon-Hye Moon (she/her) is an Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies at the College of San Mateo. She applies interdisciplinary methods to her research focused on socially reproductive labor of women with an emphasis on women of color. Currently, her dissertation research centers on the gendered and racialized labors of the early childhood education workforce. She earned her BA in Literature from Columbia University, an MA in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State. Presently, Professor Moon is working towards her Ph.D. in Cultural Studies at UC Davis.



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