Skyline College Automotive Department supported students and local employers by hosting a hiring day on March 13, 2018.

The students go through a rigorous entry level job skills training course which includes soft skills, resumes and mock interviews. 25 employers filled Building 11 as the students moved from one employer to the next as if they were speed dating. Some employers worth noting this hiring day are; Subaru, Toyota, Menlo Park Fire department, City of San Francisco, Tesla, Marine Service, Luscious Garage (Hybrid Specialist), Japanese A+ Auto Repair, Sears and many more.

Professor Julia Johnson is the mastermind and architect behind our very successful internship program with a database of over 400 Bay Area employers. This year the 25 spots sold out within 10 minutes of the invitation.

As in the past we expect every student to retain employment within two weeks, and many of these students will have multiple job offers.

Article & Photo by Tom Broxholm

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