The Skyline College Transfer Center hosted the annual Spring Transfer Fair on March 14th, 2018.

This year, the Transfer Center staff was able to organize a large university fair as we welcomed thirty colleges, including five CSU campuses, five UC campuses, eighteen private universities, and one out-of-state university, and a representative from California Community Colleges Transfer Agreement to HBCUs.

The university outreach professionals and admission advisers expressed how impressed they were with our students and their preparation. Also, the representatives were impressed with the participation of faculty and staff in our event. The representatives noted how incredible it was to see a community college that has made transfer a central part of the college’s mission. For example, one representative wrote, “Everyone was so kind and welcoming. It is great to see everyone working in the event and professors who visited, supporting their alma mater!”

Students shared their appreciation through the student evaluations of our event. Students gained valuable insight into the programs, support services, and majors that are available to transfer students.

“It was a very good opportunity. Love it. Have it more often,” one student wrote.  Another student spoke to the diverse array of opportunities available for transfer students, “There is a lot of helpful information out there. This event is very helpful.”

Many thanks to the English, Math faculty, Business Division, Counseling faculty, and Early Childhood Education Faculty and the Learning Center and learning communities, and the TRIO staff who brought their students to the fair. We would also like to thank the staff and faculty on our campus who helped inform students of this opportunity.

A special thank you to our Facilities and Operations team who helped make this event a success during a very busy week of events.

Thanks to those who participated and took the time to talk to students about transfer and their experience attending a four-year university!

Article by Ernesto Hernandez and Lucy Jovel

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