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International Student Program Welcomes Global Online Learning (GOL) Students for Spring 2022

On January 14, 2022, the International Students Program (ISP) hosted a welcome Zoom Meeting for new Global Online Learning (GOL) students. The GOL program gives international students an opportunity to take Skyline College courses online without leaving their home country.

This semester, ISP welcomed new GOL students from Myanmar, India, Taiwan and the Philipines. The meeting kicked off with the Interim Vice President of Instruction, Danni Redding Lapuz, and Dean of Global Learning Programs and Services, Russell Waldon, welcoming the students to our campus community. During the ice breaking activities, ISP staff and GOL students shared their favorite food on Padlet. Students were shy at first, but they began to open up as they were introducing their favorite food from their home countries! ISP Counselor, Carlos Romero, also talked about how to be a successful student in remote learning and showed the college’s online resources, such as the Skyline College Library and Learning Center. Additionally, the on campus ISP student ambassadors from India, Myanmar, China and Brazil have shared their own student experiences and provided advice to the new GOL students.

For more information on the GOL program at Skyline College, please contact the ISP office at


Article by Chikako Walker

The Skyline College Biomanufacturing Club Volunteers Produce COVID Sampling Kits for the Local Community

Did you ever wonder how those swabs and tubes end up in the boxes and bags that you use to take a sample to test for COVID?

Well students in the Biomanufacturing club at Skyline College found out last Friday January 21, 2022. Drs. Jing Folsom and Nick Kapp working with the BioScope ATE Project Student Lead Jonathan Der and another 13 students voluntarily kitted over 1,000 COVID sampling bags.

Did you know that Kitting in logistics is the act of compiling multiple products into a single “kit” that is shipped to the customer? These kits need to be assembled in a clean/aseptic manner. That is why we used the Biology laboratory in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Division Building 7. Students sanitized the working benchtop, wore a lab coat and gloves to ensure the quality and cleanliness of our products. Each of the 1000 sampling kits contained a barcoded robotic sample tube, a sterile swab and a chart barcode that matches the robotic sample tube. The samples are set up so that a robot can process the sample making it possible for a company to quickly process thousands of samples. However, each sample must start out with a kit that is assembled by hand.

This is what it takes to test everyone so we can safely come back to school.

Special Thanks to our volunteers:

Mark Canlapan, Rosy Chan, Jonathan Der, Allison Galon, James Kraynik, Kaileiani Louie, Shirley Luong, Atlantis Ma, Kevin Recinos, Arian Villena, Chunyun Wang, Grace Xu, Valeria Zarco, Jonathan Zhang


The Skyline College Biomanufacturing program manufactures a number of items that are used in educational and health organizations. In this kitting project we are collaborating with local (Hayward) Biotech company Predicine. These particular sampling kits will go to first responders like fire and police departments as well as local schools. This work was done in conjunction with the Bioscope ATE grant. With this grant Skyline College acts as a contracted manufacturing group to make things like the COVID sampling kits, petri plates and other materials that go out to local schools and first responders.


Any student is welcome to come and be a part of the club.  We will train and explain what Biomanufacturing is. You will also get to meet new and exciting people. The biomanufacturing club meets every Friday in 7204 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. We hope to see you then.


We’re making more COVID sampling kits this Friday Jan 28 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the biology laboratory room 7-241. If you are interested in volunteering, please come by this Friday, you can stay as long as you want. Your time is highly appreciated.

Please email Dr. Nick kapp and/or Dr. Jing Folsom if you have any questions.

Article & Photo by Jing Folsom

Skyline College Students Kick Off 2022 in the Winter Research Scholars Internship Program

This year started off for 25 students in the Winter Research Scholars Internship program. Held from Monday, January 3, 2022 – Friday, January 14, 2022 in the Fab Lab at Skyline College, the two-week program provides an introduction to scientific research along with topics and skills to help students gain further research and industry internships in STEM. These amazing students of aspiring computer science, biology, engineering, and chemistry majors met to learn about research in STEM and participated in multiple workshops. Prof. Walawalkar introduced them to information literacy and the Skyline library tools that support on-campus research. Brittney Sneed and the team of the career readiness and job placement program provided valuable feedback to the resumes and cover letters the students developed for upcoming internship applications. Counselor Joyce Lee held an information session about the Honors Transfer Program and the UC transfer process.

The students worked the first week in the Fab Lab in BLDG 7, under the guidance of Professors Marco Wehrfritz and Susanne Schubert, where they were introduced among other things to rapid prototyping using 3-D modeling and printing techniques, soldering, working with sensors, and metrology, and programming with Arduino. In week two, the group split into six working groups in which they pursued an engineering project. Projects ranged from motion sensor clocks, remote-controlled exploring vehicles, smart planters for indoor plants and mushrooms, a shower timer, a solar-powered battery charger, and a quadcopter.  Even though circumstances dictated that the group work could not be continued in-person on campus during the second week of the internship, the students persevered and finished their projects remotely. On the final program day, students attended a virtual lab tour of the School of Engineering at San Francisco State University (SFSU) in the morning, where they learned about faculty research areas and the S-SMART summer internship program with projects in computational fluid dynamics, intelligent systems in structural engineering, neural machine interfaces, and assistive rehabilitative robotics. Later that afternoon the students presented their own projects via zoom. They were able to apply skills gained and honed during the presentation skills workshop and reflected on their personal and academic growth during this internship.


The Winter Research Scholars program is supported through the STEM Pathways project, a collaborative grant project funded by the U.S. Department of Education Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions (DHSI) program (award No. P031S180169). The coordinators, Nicholas Langhoff, Marco Wehrfritz, and Dr. Susanne Schubert, would like to thank the following persons for their enormous support: Bryan Swartout, Nadia Tariq, Tammy Wong, Rita Gulli, Gabriela Nocito, Sharri Wyatt, and Dr. Carla Grandy. The team would also like to thank our colleagues at SFSU for sharing their research with us and for the school’s long-lasting collaboration with Skyline College: Dr. Wenshen Pong, Dr. Jenna Wong, Dr. Fatemeh Khalkhal, Dr. Zhaoshuo Jiang, Dr. Xiaorong Zhang, and Dr. David Quintero.

Article by Nick Langhoff, Marco Wehrfritz, and Susanne Schubert

Photo by Susanne Schubert

STEM and Counseling Faculty Present at 2022 Hawaii International Conference on Education

On Monday, January 3, STEM Counselor Jenny Le and Engineering Professor Nicholas Langhoff showcased new programs developed within the STEM Center and STEM Division at the 2022 Hawaii International Conference of Education (HICE). The team delivered two podium and two poster presentations.

Counselor Le’s presentation detailed how the STEM Center created a centralized and collaborative learning space that has strengthened college infrastructure and supported mechanisms to address barriers of STEM students since opening in November 2019. Jenny shared about the following programs:

  • STEM Learning Communities: Engineering Tech Scholars and Biology Chem Scholars
  • Peer Instructor Program
  • STEM Peer Mentor Program
  • STEM Jams: Math Jam, Physics Jam, Chemistry Jam
  • Science in Action
  • STEM research and internship opportunities

Professor Langhoff’s presentation detailed results of the STEM Pathways Research Scholars Program: the college’s annual paid two-week introductory research internship for twenty-five students. One of the top recommendations to address STEM student retention is to engage them in research experiences within the first two years of college. The program has increased engagement in academics, increased transfer preparedness and post-transfer success, teamwork ability, sense of self-efficacy, and has supported students in gaining further internships and work-based opportunities.


The team also presented the posters listed below, one detailing the STEM Pathways Engineering Transfer Bridge program with grant partner San Francisco State University, and the other showcasing the college’s new SkyBayTech Electronics Manufacturing Technician program:

  • Engineering Transfer Bridge: A Collaborative Project between Skyline College and San Francisco State University to Strengthen Pathways to Success in STEM
  • SkyBayTech: Development of an Electronics Manufacturing Technician Program for Community College Students

Counselor Le and Professor Langhoff would like to thank the Skyline College STEM Center team, Dean of STEM Carla Grandy, STEM Programs Director Rita Gulli, former Dean of SMT Ray Hernandez, and the President’s Office and Office of Instruction for their extensive support in these initiatives. The college would also like to thank our funders supporting the SkyBayTech and STEM Pathways projects: the National Science Foundation (NSF) Advancing Technological Education (ATE) program (Award No. 2000971), and the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) Title V Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions (DHSI) program (Award No. P031S180169).

Article by Jenny Le and Nicholas Langhoff

Social Science Unwrapped Speaker Series Inspiring 21st Century Toolbelts

Imagine YOUR tool belt at this moment in time. After attending this program, reflect on the tools you would add to your toolbelt? This is just one of the important questions History Professor Rosie Bell asked her class to reflect on after attending the Fall 2021 Social Science Unwrapped Speakers Series at Skyline College. Social Science Unwrapped (SSU) is designed to connect the Social Sciences to our 21st Century future and the skills that contribute to students’ success and student reflections (as seen below) indicate that it has successfully achieved this goal.

Speakers talked about their paths to social science, social science research experiences, and specific 21st century toolbelt skills that impacted their professional journey. The inaugural speaker Geography Professor, Rachel Cunningham, discussed her research on Public Perceptions of Levees and Risk which investigated human perception and behavior around levee failure risk in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region of California. She specifically described the importance of the 21st century skill of ”emotional intelligence” and her discussion of empathy left a lasting impression on students as did her willingness to try so many new and unfamiliar opportunities and network through those experiences on her journey to her dream job – Professor of Geography.

Dr. Shaun Perisho shared his research on Fractal Scaling in Bottlenose Dolphin Echolocation and his fascinating path from English -> Physics -> Music -> Marine Science -> Psychology. He connected the 21st century skill of ”collaboration” to his work, inspiring one student to reflect:

Dr. Perisho never thought that his expertise in Physics would land him a job in Marine life. That is where the importance of collaboration is so important. It comes full circle like he mentioned. An area of expertise you have on a subject can create further developments, leaps and bounds (over) what a single person can do…”

Dr. Rika Yonemura-Fabian impressed students with her ability to put words into action. She shared her understanding that 21st century skills are taught in school and was also emphatic that this learning is enhanced and reinforced when implemented in real life. She encouraged students to think about the 21st century skill of “communication”, inspiring one attendee to present Dr. Yonemura-Fabian the perfect opportunity to describe the impact of student communication on teaching and learning with this question:

“Was there ever a comment a student made or a perspective a student shared that changed or influenced your view/opinion on a topic/social movement/theory?”

Economics Professor, Don Uy-Baretta, brought economics to life with eye catching real-time visual representations of the ways economics impacts our daily lives. By sharing his personal path to an economics career, inspired at age 6 by the sound of jingling coins in a pocket, Professor Uy-Baretta discussed Career Choices in Economics. He connected the 21st century skills of “information literacy” and “creativity” to an economist’s success and fielded questions ranging from the future of cryptocurrency to how you decide what data is “good” data.

History Professor, Rosie Bell, wrapped up the Fall 2021 session of SSU with Education is Liberation challenging us to think critically, question, reflect, and then change oppressive structures; and reminding us that education frees our minds and opens the door to lifelong learning. Attendees left understanding that without education and the 21st Century skill of “critical thinking”, we are all slaves who don’t know we need to be freed. L

Recordings of all sessions are available at


Social Science Unwrapped (SSU) – Spring 2022 will continue to share how the Social Sciences can help you navigate locally, nationally, and globally and illustrate how the Social Sciences are a highway to endless possibilities. Look for more chances to learn from faculty who combine their academic expertise with a service mindset.

The series will kick off on Wednesday, February 23rd from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.


SPEAKER:        Steve Aurelio, Skyline College Professor of Administration of Justice

TOPIC:             From Cop to Classroom:  My journey toward dual careers in public service!


Four additional conversations are scheduled this semester on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

March 9                       Tamara Perkins, Film

March 23                     Lori Slicton, Anthropology

April 13                        Tricia Murajda, Sociology


SSU is FREE and Open to All.

Sign up to attend on Zoom at:

For more information, or to request a link to the webinars, please contact Chris Woo at or Jennifer Merrill at Instructors interested in adding an SSU assignment to their course syllabus should contact Rosie Bell at

Article by Chris Burwell-Woo

Job Opportunities

How may we assist you in landing your dream job? Whether you’re interested in short- or long-term career planning, the Career Readiness & Job Placement team offers a variety of services and career readiness experiences to assist you with your specific career needs. If you want to work with a Job Placement Coordinator, please fill out this brief welcome form and someone will contact you soon to schedule an appointment!


How may we assist you in landing your dream job? The Career Readiness & Job Placement team is excited to share the following job opportunities with you. Check them out—

Internship Opportunities

How may we assist you in landing your dream job? Whether you’re interested in short- or long-term career planning, the Career Readiness & Job Placement team offers a variety of services and career readiness experiences to assist you with your specific career needs. If you want to work with a Job Placement Coordinator, please fill out this brief welcome form and someone will contact you soon to schedule an appointment!

Expand your network in ways that will lead to your dream job. The Career Readiness & Job Placement team is excited to share the following paid internship opportunities with you. Check them out—

The Skyline College Express Shuttle is Back!

Sam, Shuttle B Driver

The Skyline College Express Shuttle is up and running — receiving and delivering passengers!

Please say hello to Sam, the driver operating the ‘B’ shuttle. We are lucky to have him, as he is also the trainer and is particularly conscientious in making sure that our prospective passengers at each stop recognize the shuttle. He is very attentive to possible unfamiliarity from our potential riders.

Sam has been wiping down seats after each loop to promote safety. Hand sanitizer is also available.

While the shuttle typically only runs while classes are in session, this semester, given the protracted shut down, we started a week early, to test things out and orient new drivers. Additional information regarding the shuttle and its schedule and route can be found on the Skyline College Shuttle website.


Article & Photo by Paul Cassidy

International Student Program Hosts Its Spring 2022 Open House

On January 10, 2022, the International Student Program (ISP) kicked off the Spring 2022 semester with its Open House for new international students! More than fifty new international students were invited to attend the Open House which provided them with an opportunity to meet with the ISP staff and see our beautiful campus in person. The event was held on a drop-in basis to ensure the safety of the students, and it included an hourly campus tour led by the ISP student ambassadors. Lasheana, a new international student from Indonesia, said that she “had a really good time”. Lasheana was a Global Online Learning (GOL) student for the last two semesters where she took online classes from Indonesia. She said this semester will be a different experience for her as she is finally on campus. Students were exchanging their contact information and some of them decided to get together for dinner afterward! Continuing students from last semester were also invited to the event as we were not able to offer an in-person welcome last fall. Lynn who joined Skyline College in Fall 2021 noted “This is an orientation for me. It’s nice!”


ISP is welcoming more than fifty new international students from fourteen countries this semester. ISP will continue to provide services and programs for international students as well as for the entire Skyline College community. If you are interested in learning more about future ISP programs and events, contact ISP office at


Article & Photo by Chikako Walker