On Monday, January 3, STEM Counselor Jenny Le and Engineering Professor Nicholas Langhoff showcased new programs developed within the STEM Center and STEM Division at the 2022 Hawaii International Conference of Education (HICE). The team delivered two podium and two poster presentations.

Counselor Le’s presentation detailed how the STEM Center created a centralized and collaborative learning space that has strengthened college infrastructure and supported mechanisms to address barriers of STEM students since opening in November 2019. Jenny shared about the following programs:

  • STEM Learning Communities: Engineering Tech Scholars and Biology Chem Scholars
  • Peer Instructor Program
  • STEM Peer Mentor Program
  • STEM Jams: Math Jam, Physics Jam, Chemistry Jam
  • Science in Action
  • STEM research and internship opportunities

Professor Langhoff’s presentation detailed results of the STEM Pathways Research Scholars Program: the college’s annual paid two-week introductory research internship for twenty-five students. One of the top recommendations to address STEM student retention is to engage them in research experiences within the first two years of college. The program has increased engagement in academics, increased transfer preparedness and post-transfer success, teamwork ability, sense of self-efficacy, and has supported students in gaining further internships and work-based opportunities.


The team also presented the posters listed below, one detailing the STEM Pathways Engineering Transfer Bridge program with grant partner San Francisco State University, and the other showcasing the college’s new SkyBayTech Electronics Manufacturing Technician program:

  • Engineering Transfer Bridge: A Collaborative Project between Skyline College and San Francisco State University to Strengthen Pathways to Success in STEM
  • SkyBayTech: Development of an Electronics Manufacturing Technician Program for Community College Students

Counselor Le and Professor Langhoff would like to thank the Skyline College STEM Center team, Dean of STEM Carla Grandy, STEM Programs Director Rita Gulli, former Dean of SMT Ray Hernandez, and the President’s Office and Office of Instruction for their extensive support in these initiatives. The college would also like to thank our funders supporting the SkyBayTech and STEM Pathways projects: the National Science Foundation (NSF) Advancing Technological Education (ATE) program (Award No. 2000971), and the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) Title V Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions (DHSI) program (Award No. P031S180169).

Article by Jenny Le and Nicholas Langhoff

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