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Academic Senate Recognizes Danielle Powell With Award

Danielle Powell received the 2017-2018 Stanback Stroud Diversity Award from the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges at the 2018 Spring Plenary Session held on Friday, April 13.

Powell has demonstrated excellence in supporting students who are historically underserved in her teaching and programming. She consistently makes the classroom and the college a place of connection, understanding, and support.

The Stanback Stroud Diversity Award is an Academic Senate award and is sponsored by the Foundation for California Community Colleges. It honors faculty who have made special contributions addressing issues involving diversity and perform in an exceptional manner to advance intercultural harmony, equity, and campus diversity by making exceptional contributions to the college beyond their usual obligations.

“She saw students that indicated a certain need, and she wanted to reconceptualize how the students would be served.” Skyline College President Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud said.

Powell is the founding director of the Women’s Mentoring and Leadership Academy at Skyline College. WMLA is a mentoring program for women who feel as though they are on the margins of academic life and brings them to the heart of an academic experience, drawing them into relationships with key advocates on campus, and connecting them to support offices that can provide them with tools and resources to increase their security and well-being and reinforce the idea that they are deserving of help, respect, and success.

Powell also coordinates the African- American Success Through Excellence and Persistence Learning Community, where she has raised rates of success in communication courses, and leads study abroad facilitating experiences for students that are transforming and life changing.

Article by Kevin Perez

19th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition Opens Next Week in the Art Gallery

The 19th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition will open next week at the Skyline College Art Gallery. The exhibition will be on view from April 23 – May 11, and features sculpture, paintings, drawings, photographs, ceramics, mixed media and digital media artworks by Skyline College students.

We will have a reception for the artists on April 26, from 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. Come join the fun and support the arts at Skyline College! Refreshments will be served. Be sure to come check out this fantastic exhibit.

The Skyline College Art Gallery will be open daily, and is located on the ground floor of Building One. For more information, including hours, please visit the gallery website or Facebook page.

The Annual Student Art Exhibition is a vital part of the Skyline College Creative Arts program, and is an essential component of an art student’s educational experience. It provides students the opportunity to prepare and present their artwork in a high quality setting, and serves as a platform for public exposure – itself a learning experience different from that gained in the classroom – and facilitates community-building by bringing together students, their families, faculty and staff, and the local community.

On April 26th, the reception and awards ceremony for the 19th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition will be held against a lively backdrop of music, oven-fresh pizza, desserts, and beverages. Featuring over 140 artworks in all media, the Skyline College Art Gallery is a great place for students, their families, and faculty members to mingle and learn more about each other.

The Skyline College Art Department and art gallery extends their congratulations to all of the students who participated in this year’s exhibition!

This year’s Juror’s Awards go to:

  • Nadine Morey – 1st Prize Award in Painting
  • Bowen Fu – Juror’s Merit Award in Painting
  • Michael Kucz – Juror’s Merit Award in Painting
  • Jennifer Bates – 1st Prize Award in Ceramics
  • Clowette Williams – Juror’s Merit Award in Ceramics
  • Rachel Deliz– Juror’s Merit Award in Ceramics
  • Kevin Perez – 1st Prize Award in Photography
  • Sandra Mojas – Juror’s Merit Award in Photography
  • Gary Balsam – Juror’s Merit Award in Photography
  • Stephen Thomas – Juror’s Merit Award in Photography
  • Mitchell Mau- 1st Prize Award in Drawing
  • Sonun Owen– Juror’s Merit Award in Drawing
  • Saharut Siringoenyuang– Juror’s Merit Award in Drawing
  • Nicholas Schumann– Juror’s Merit Award in Drawing
  • Cillian O’Donnell – 1st Prize Award in Sculpture
  • Nicholas Schumann– Juror’s Merit Award in Sculpture
  • Kelsey Sailors – Juror’s Merit Award in Sculpture
  • Alejandro Esquivias – Juror’s Merit Award in Sculpture
  • Teresa Nham – Juror’s 1st Prize in Composition and Design Award
  • LaVon Bordeaux – Juror’s 2nd Prize in Composition and Design Award
  • Red Coldren – Juror’s Art Process Award
  • Michaela Giles – Juror’s Social Justice Award
  • Cosmetology Department Group Project – Juror’s Educational Whimsy Award
  • Cosmetology Department Group Project – Juror’s Portraiture Award

Skyline College’s Art Gallery is an educational and community oriented exhibition space, with programming that reflects our College Mission and Values. We exhibit a mixture of student shows, faculty exhibits, and curated exhibitions featuring local, national and international artist.

Article by Paul Bridenbaugh

The Skyline View Earns General Excellence Awards at State Conference

For the second year in a row, The Skyline View has taken first place for online general excellence in the two-year college division of the 2017 California Journalism Awards hosted by the California News Publishers Association. Judges said the site was full of “great visuals” and “well-written content on many topics.”

This came on the heels of several awards won at the 2018 Journalism Association of Community Colleges State Convention held March 22-25 in Burbank, CA. Skyline College brought its largest contingent ever to the convention: 20 students spanning all sectors of the journalism program. The publication was honored with online general excellence for theskylineview.com and its magazine, Viewpoint—which has only published three issues so far–also received a general excellence.

Individual staff members—past and present—also took home awards. In the mail-in categories, former staff reporter Katrina Benedicto won two awards: honorable mention for opinion story and fourth place for critical review. Former opinion editor and creative director Mintzhet Tan won honorable mentions for editorial cartoon and front page layout. In the on-the-spot categories, current reporter Gabriel Garrett received an honorable mention for creative portrait (as well as being the model for the first place creative portrait!); Maitri Desai, the publication’s current opinion editor, won third place for news judgment/layout; reporter Diego Perez and editor in chief Lauren Gozon shared an honorable mention for team feature; and copy editors Raymond Rapada and Olivia Bowman received an honorable mention and fourth place respectively in copy editing.

Finally, the convention topped off with editor in chief Lauren Gozon and editor at large Laurel Lujan both bringing home JACC scholarships. (Lujan also is the first recipient of the Carolyn Livengood Journalism Scholarship, as well as having recently been chosen to participate as part of a pilot reporting team called the California Community College Journalism Collaboration Project.)


Article and Photo by Nancy Kaplan-Biegel

Get Ready: Emergency Preparedness Fair at Skyline College

Please join Supervisor Canepa and the San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services for an Emergency Preparedness Fair, Monday, April 30.

Located on the Skyline College Campus, the event is open to all between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., with a program beginning at 11:00 a.m.

The event will incorporate literature on active shooter, earthquake, fire safety, and disaster recovery.

Experts from Cliff Rescue Unit, Dive Team, Marine Unit, Bomb Squad, and OES Reps will all be present.

emergency poster

Learning Commons Represents Skyline College at Tutor Expo ‘18

Tutor Expo ’18, the third annual conference by and for postsecondary tutors, faculty, staff, and administrators connected to tutoring and learning assistance within the California community college system, was held in Merced, CA at Merced College on Friday, March 23, 2018.

The theme for the conference was “Cheers to Peers,” which recognizes the transformative work student leaders do to support and empower their fellow students. Skyline College was well represented with 19 people in total, including Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program Coordinator Timurhan Vengco, Instructional Aides Christina Trujillo and Hong Guo, Peer Tutors, Professional Tutors, SI Leaders, and Peer mentors.

Further, 6 proposals from Skyline College were accepted and presented, with enthusiastic and positive response from attendees. Presentations included:

  • “A Call for Open Communication on Student Diversity, Culture, and Equity”
    • Presented by Joshua Paras, Thanh Nguyen, and Naama Nunez
  • “Fostering Growth Mindset in Learning Assistance Spaces”
    • Presented by Olivia Yancey and Ashtin Olivas
  • “Studying Smarter, not Harder”
    • Presented by Michelle Huang
  • “Utilizing Growth Mindset to Develop Students’ Grit, Passion, and Motivation”
    • Presented by Thet Nyein, Rachel Dacuma, and Mandielene Navarro
  • “The Skyline Math Assistance Lab”
    • Presented by Hong Guo and Nina Nguyen
  • “The Power of Growth Mindset in Developing Computer Literacy among Returning Students”
    • Presented by Ilya Osovskiy, Kourosh Ghaderi, and Justine Baker

Tutor Expo provides an excellent opportunity for students to share their knowledge and grow as leaders.

“Having an opportunity to present at Tutor Expo 2018 is a memorable experience. This is not the first professional conference that I’ve attended, but it’s special enough for me to make time to participate every year. During the conference, I shared my stories and also made some new friends from other schools. I learned about Growth Mindset and how to apply it into my study. Moreover, since this is my last semester, I spent a good time with my friends.” Peer Mentor and business statistics SI Leader Thanh Nguyen said.

Other presentations addressed topics such as tutor and student leader training, faculty-Learning Center collaboration, discipline-specific academic support, program development, and more.

Tutor Expo ’18 was offered through the California Community College Success Network’s (3CSN) Learning Assistance Project, a community of practice whose mission is to work across campuses to sustain a community of educators towards the professionalization of postsecondary tutoring and learning assistance. For more information about the learning assistance programs offered through Skyline College’s Learning Commons, please refer to the Learning Commons website

Article and Photo by Timurhan Vengco

SPARC Meeting Update

The Skyline College Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC) met on Thursday, April 12, 2018.

Recommendation to Adopt the Annual Program Review (APP) Prompts, Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) prompts, and Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) rubric

Jacque Honda, Interim Dean of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness, led the discussion to review the revised Annual Program Plan and Comprehensive Program Review prompts and rubric to evaluate CPRs. Having been piloted the past year, the APP and CPR prompts were revised to better align with each other and make the APP less cumbersome. The SPARC committee moved to adopt the prompts and the rubric. Dean Honda noted that these prompts and the rubric will be widely disseminated to inform the college community.

Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) Implementation.

Dean Honda and Karen Wong, Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness, gave an overview of the proposed process in which CPRs will be reviewed by SPARC and the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC). In the past, CPRs were the purview of the Curriculum Committee, but now the CPR will be SPARC’s purview, and the assessment analyses will be the IEC’s. CPR training will take place in the spring before the scheduled CPR so that the program undergoing review can consult with the appropriate bodies for assistance in the fall (e.g., program data with PRIE, course outlines with the Curriculum Committee), and then present to SPARC in the spring. SPARC members will break out into work teams to meet with their designated programs to ensure that the major program components are covered before the full committee presentation. There will be additional training for SPARC members on the new processes. Separate from the CPR presentation, the Curriculum Committee will still review the course curriculum component.

Next meeting is April 26, 2018 (Thursday) from 2:10 to 4:00 p.m. in Room 4

Article by Judy Hutchinson