LezraThe Career Services Center is very excited to welcome its newest member, Lezra Chenportillo.  Lezra will serve as Skyline College’s Employment and Internship Program Services Coordinator.  She will work with students to create and/or update their resumes and cover letters, and assist them in their job search and application process.  She will also continue to build relationships with local employers in order to provide ongoing and current job opportunities available on: www.SkylineJobs.com

Lezra holds a Masters of Education in Guidance and Counseling and is currently completing a Doctor of Education with a focus on Education Psychology from the University of Southern California.  She has had great success developing new programs that support student success and college retention, especially for first generation college students.  She views career and student motivation as deeply intertwined and is excited to work with students in creating a vision for their lives through Career Services.

Feel free to refer students in search of job or internship opportunities to Lezra at the Career Services Center, Building 1, Room 1219B.  Her contact information is:  (650) 738 – 7054 and chenportillol@smccd.edu .

Also please continue to direct students to www.SkylineJobs.com where they can find local job postings from employers seeking to hire Skyline College students.

Article by Brian Jenney