In July 2023, the SparkPoint Food Pantry completed its first full year of grocery distribution since COVID-19 forced us to suspend services. We are proud to report that over 600 students received groceries in over 2,500 appointments. Unlike our Drive-Thru Grocery Distribution, the SparkPoint Food Pantry only serves students. This means that our students received over 121,000 pounds of groceries and saved an estimated $186,000 on grocery costs during this time, which is money that can go to other essential expenses such as books, gas, rent, or savings for the future. By hitting this benchmark, the SparkPoint Food Pantry has officially surpassed pre-pandemic service and student impact levels.

The SparkPoint food pantry is open Monday-Friday and offers free groceries to all students! If you know a student interested in picking up free groceries, please have them make an appointment by filling out the online order form.

Some things to remember:

  • No ID required. A car is not required.
  • Groceries will be pre-bagged (no substitutions at pick up)
  • Items vary but typically can include fruit, vegetables, canned goods, dry goods, milk, meat, and snacks
  • This will not affect your food grant or financial aid in any way
  • SparkPoint is located in building 1, room 1-214

Please visit our website to learn more about SparkPoint’s other food, housing, and financial services.

Thank you to the SparkPoint and Dream Center Team for supporting this effort.

Article by Chad Thompson

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