It is an exciting time at Skyline College! The search for the next President is about to begin in October, and individuals from throughout the campus community including one community member have been named to the screening committee and approved by constituent representatives and the Interim Chancellor. These individuals were selected in close coordination with the Academic Senate, Classified Senate and leadership from the various unions, along with the executive cabinet, and they represent the incredible diversity of this college. I have to extend an incredible thanks to the multitude of people who expressed interest in serving on this critical committee – I know this passion and excitement will be reflected in the members that have been selected.

Here are a few important pieces of information about the screening committee, with more to follow shortly:

  • Co-Chairs for the screening committee will be Kate Browne, Academic Senate President of Skyline College and Jamillah Moore, President of Cañada College.
  • The screening committee consisting of 24 individuals will convene in early October to discuss the attributes the campus would like to find in the next President of Skyline College.
  • Materials to advertise these attributes, and what type of college and district we are, will be developed in October, as well as a presidents search website.
  • The campus community groups will have an opportunity for input into the desirable characteristics that will be included in the job announcement.  A survey will be forthcoming NLT October 8th with an open forum to discuss the feedback from the survey October 15th.  The Interim Chancellor, Mike Claire, will chair this forum.
  • We anticipate completing the job announcement and posting the position nationwide in November.

In the spring semester, we will host college-wide open forums to update the campus community on the search.  First round interviews will likely begin in mid-February 2020 and finalist open forums will be held in March 2020. Please plan to participate in the open forums to ensure your voice is heard on the kind of President you would like to see for Skyline College. A new President should be named by April 2020.

I look forward to facilitating this search throughout the next several months to ensure consistent progress in a fair and balanced manner.

Article by Dr. Jannett Jackson

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