Middle College entered South San Francisco’s 27th annual Project Read Trivia Challenge and fundraiser and made a notable first impression at the event. The night consisted of a silent auction, dinner, and a trivia challenge. The Middle College team was made up of two seniors Tylin Williams, Humberto Rivas, and one junior Maria Coreas, representing their sponsor, Skyline College.

They battled against more than 30 teams and were the only high school team to advance to the second round, after scoring 23 points out of 30 in round one. Middle College senior Humberto Rivas stated that “he would like to thank everyone who made this event possible to support the commendable cause of increasing literacy in our neighborhoods. I also want to thank our Middle College administration for choosing us to represent Skyline College as a whole. I certainly had a great time with my teammates representing Middle College at Skyline. Even though we came up short for third place, we proved that youth have the drive to make their dreams come true by making history, and that was the most important takeaway.”

While they were unable to place, these young students with bright minds definitely put Middle College on the map as one to watch out for at next year’s competition.

The Trivia Challenge serves as the annual fundraiser for Project Read of Northern San Mateo County. With the help of volunteer tutors and program staff that dedicate themselves to lifelong learning, Project Read aims to help low literacy and low-income adults reach their literacy and financial goals, as well as provide educational activities and free books to low income families in the community through their Learning Wheels Program.

Article by Martina Goodman and Samantha Panganiban

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