As part of the Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism Initiative, Andrea Vizenor, Director for The Center of Career and Workforce Programs, has continued her work to bridge neighboring adult schools as well as high schools to the Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) Program at Skyline College. Together with Serena Chu-Mraz, Professor for English of Other Languages (ESOL), students are able to experience the HTM program offsite at South San Francisco Adult School – these courses are open to adult school students and high school students at Peninsula High School located in San Bruno, CA.

The adult school students kicked off the Fall Semester with a non-credit course called Hospitality ADVANCE 1, a 6-module dynamic training program that integrates English language development competencies with a set of essential hotel/restaurant operations skills and capabilities. This was a stepping stone to take the next set of courses being offered for credit and for students to work towards a Hospitality and Tourism Management certificate (certificated can be completed in as little as two semesters).

The courses at South San Francisco Adult School started on October 10, 2017. A group of students from Peninsula High School were able to join the program after Hospitality ADVANCE. Courses include HTM 124 – Excellence in Guest Service and HTM 101 – Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Mangement. HTM 124 prepares students to take the exam needed to earn the Certified Guest Service Professional (GSP), industry-recognized credential offered through the American Hotel and Lodging Association while HTM 101 gives them an overview of the careers and different segments HTM has to offer.

The next courses slated for Spring 2018 are Hospitality ADVANCE 2, HTM 125 – Restaurant and Banquet Operations, and HTM 230 – Hotel and Resort Management. The bridge program is thoughtfully designed for students to not only earn industry recognized certificates but to earn the Guest Service Entry-Level Professional Skills Certificate as little as two semesters. For more information, please contact: Andrea Vizenor at

Article by Elizabeth Tablan | Photo by Cladia Paz

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