Request and FormsThe Disability Resource Center has launched an online request system for students registered with the DRC. This semester, DRC surveyed students to learn more about how they use accommodations and what some barriers to accommodation utilization might be.  DRC received some excellent feedback from the survey. Students requested an easier way to obtain their accommodation letters, request alternate media, and make accommodation test requests. An online request system was developed to address students’ feedback.

Launching for Summer 2016, students may now request their accommodation letters, alternate media, and accommodated test appointments through the DRC website. Students may choose the option to receive their accommodation letter via email, which they then may forward to instructors. They may also make accommodated testing appointments without the need for a physical form to be filled out by themselves and their instructor.  Students who are more comfortable making requests in person may continue to do so.

This new online request system is not only reducing paper use, but also streamlining the process for students to receive their accommodations from the DRC.

Article by Melissa Matthews