Dr WimmerAs the Wellness program gears up for 2015, newcomer Dr. Ronda Wimmer is poised to enrich and elevate the curriculum in Massage Therapy and Wellness. Dr. Wimmer is a pioneer in her field, bringing depth and diverse interdisciplinary expertise that is often extremely rare in a Wellness Program. Her focus is to deepen the Wellness Programs as a whole, encompassing CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) perspectives and therapies. Her first goal is to develop advanced certification for the massage therapy program that includes allied health care practitioners and professionals. She is also working to develop greater awareness and educational quality of CAM therapy topics and Eastern/Indigenous perspectives of healing, with the goal of bolstering accessibility to interested individuals and those pursing advanced certifications and/or degrees. Ultimately Dr. Wimmer aims to create an Associate’s Degree geared toward CAM and holistic health professions.

Dr. Wimmer is a Renaissance woman – energetic, authentic, refreshingly creative. She already is developing innovative new courses, setting the foundation for her vision to expand the Wellness Program. She looks forward to integrating and collaborating with Cosmetology and Esthetics for a complete approach to looking and feeling good.

Dr. Wimmer combines a wealth of clinical experience with knowledge from many academic disciplines, making her truly interdisciplinary. Her clinical experience spans thirty years, from humble beginnings as a massage therapist to a globe-trotting career working as a sports medicine (including massage therapy and acupuncture) specialist with Olympic and professional athletes. Dr. Wimmer opened her own integrative medicine practice of Sports Medicine, Chinese/Ayurvedic/Tibetan Medicine, Native American Medicine and integrated massage. With this interdisciplinary approach she treated talent and staff in the entertainment industry, professional dancers and athletes, and national and international Olympic venues. Teams include Anaheim Ducks hockey, basketball, volleyball, Tae Kwon Do, ice skating, gymnastics, fencing and track and field.

Academically, Dr. Wimmer has taught post-secondary through graduate school levels of most of the “ologies” in Sports Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She has taught numerous disciplines at Chapman University, Golden West College, California State University Long Beach, South Baylo University, and Stanbridge College. Dr. Wimmer’s passion for wellness and integrative medicine has led her to achieve advanced degrees in biology, kinesiology and Eastern Medicine as well as certifications and licenses including sports medicine specialist, licensed acupuncturist, certified athletic trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and certified massage therapist.

“Her class is beyond basic education, it is a trip into a new world of health, healing and science,” one student raves. “Dr. Wimmer’s class is an experience you will never forget.” Most importantly, Dr. Wimmer always encourages and inspires her students with her positive attitude that anything they wish to learn or achieve is possible. “Dr. Wimmer has the charisma, knowledge, personality and the compassion to be teaching and creating this program,” says another student. “[She’s] one of the best teachers I have ever had.”

Article by Lynsey Hemstreet