Faculty and staff are invited to participate in virtual commencement by submitting a five-second clip of themselves waving, applauding, dancing, giving thumbs up, holding “Congratulations, Skyline Grads!” signs, etc. by Wednesday, May 5.

The original sound in these clips will not be used, so be sure to show your excitement through your body language, attire, or signage. NOTE: it’s also recommended to avoid calling out specific class years in the clips so the clips can be used for both virtual ceremonies. Submitted clips will be edited into an opening montage that sets the mood for each ceremony. To get a feel for what we are creating, an example of a virtual commencement opening can be found here.

Submit Your Five-Second Commencement Video Clip to this Dropbox Folder

Please submit your five-second clip to this page by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 5. For questions, please contact the Skyline College Marketing Department.

Thank you for helping us celebrate our students at virtual commencement!

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