Zero Text Book Cost FlyerFall 2020 has the largest offering yet of Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) and low-cost Open Educational Resources (OER) classes at Skyline College! 78 Faculty ZTC Champions have implemented digitally available no-cost Creative Commons licensed and library electronic resources in their classes. Together, they are offering 160 $0-cost-to-students classes and 30-classes using a low-cost required course resource alongside a no-cost OER textbook. From Spring 2018 through Fall 2020, Faculty ZTC Champions have ensured Skyline Students kept $3,846,434.69 in their pockets!

By choosing digitally available, no-cost OER & ZTC course materials ZTC Champions:

  • Save students money now!
  • Ensure students have access to materials on day 1 of class!
  • Ensure access long after semester ends!
  • Protect student privacy and data!

Your textbook and course material choices have a direct impact on students’ lives!

Ready to choose ZTC? Begin with our OER by Subject Research Guide,, or email the ZTC Team at

Looking for ZTC and OER classes? They are searchable in WebSchedule!

Article by Ame Maloney

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