Skyline faculty use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Skyline Library electronic resources supports free course materials access for ALL Skyline students – regardless of program, cohort, enrollment status, or county of residence. This Fall, Skyline offered students 356 ZTC class sections for which course materials are $0, and 87 lower-cost (LTC) class sections for which material costs are ≤$40. Combined, Fall ZTC & LTC classes resulted in an estimated savings of $851,448 – money that stays in students’ pockets and can be used for food, rent, and other necessities! 

We’ve come a long way; but the work is not done yet! The CCCCO has explicitly identified the goal of reducing the overall cost of education for students through the development and implementation of local ZTC degree and certificate pathways to completion – and they have thrown some funding our way to support this work. The ZTC Team is looking forward to connecting with our faculty and administrative colleagues to identify and develop Skyline’s next ZTC degree or certificate pathway(s). Ready to get started? Let’s chat.

Article by Ame Maloney

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