Dr. Julietta Hua

San Francisco State University’s Dr. Julietta Hua, Chair of Women’s Studies (pictured right) led a pair of workshops where a group of 25 faculty, staff, administrators, and students participated and discussed Social Justice in the context of teaching and learning at Skyline College on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

The first workshop provided space for an interdisciplinary team of Social Science faculty to refine curricular design for the newly developed Social Justice/Ethnic Studies AA-T starting in Fall 2019.

The second workshop invited members of the campus community interested in exploring pedagogical strategies to advance Social Justice in our classrooms.

Dr. Hua led participants through a series of self-reflective activities that revealed creative and effective ways to raise students’ consciousness to Social Justice issues across disciplines already practiced in Skyline College classrooms. Skyline College faculty, staff, administrators and students shared their visions for promoting Social Justice at our College and ways they implemented activities and assignments into their curriculum.

The event was supported by the Micki Barker fund approved by the faculty of Social Science/Creative Division, led by Dean Dr. Tammy Robinson. The event was organized by Associate Professor Dr. Rika Fabian , Sociology and sponsored by the CTTL. Committed to furthering racial and gender justice at Skyline College, Dr. Fabian, along with Prof. Mustafa Popal are co-teaching The Civil Right Movements class (CRN45273) in Spring 2017.

For more information, please contact: Dr. Rika Fabian, fabianr@smccd.edu.


Article by Dr. Jude Navari and Dr. Rika Fabian | Photo courtesy of San Francisco State University

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