WIT Photo2Lori Slicton, Coordinator of the Women in Transition (WIT) Program and Professor of Anthropology, was the guest speaker for the American Association of University Women (AAUW), North Peninsula Chapter’s Annual Dinner. The AAUW members were keenly interested to learn more about the Women in Transition Program and the experiences of returning female students. Held at the Basque Cultural Center on January 21, 2014, Professor Slicton passionately described to the AAUW the diverse strengths and needs of returning women students, many of whom have led very complicated lives. While there are not any “typical” returning students, many have encountered similar obstacles to acquiring a higher education such as domestic violence or trauma, homelessness, unemployment and general poverty. Many WIT students also qualify for accommodations through the Disability Resource Center. Having said this, some returning students already hold academic degrees. Through the Women’s Resource Center, WIT students are also very generous with each other and work as excellent peer advocates and assist each other when in need. Re-entry students, Melody Glines and Shawn Kayln Edwards also spoke about how they have benefitted from the WIT Program. The WIT program provides a unique and vital function for our college by empowering students to be strong self-advocates, clarify their academic goals and to aim VERY high! Thanks to wonderful volunteers and a supportive work environment, the Women in Transition Program continues to grow. The AAUW membership responded very enthusiastically and are excited to work more closely with the Women in Transition Program.

Article by Lori Slicton. Photo by Shawn Kayln Edwards.