As part of the Comprehensive College Redesign, a group of faculty and staff are exploring ways to incorporate High Impact Practices (HIPs) into the curriculum on an institutional level.

The first task of the inquiry team is to create an inventory of what HIPs are currently most utilized on Skyline College Campus. Members of the team will be coming to division meetings in November to talk more about the work and we would greatly appreciate faculty and staff taking a few minutes to complete this survey.

What are HIPs? An exploration of pedagogy centered on equity and high impact teaching practices such as undergraduate research, service learning, e-portfolios, culminating projects, study abroad, internships, learning communities and more.

Our team is exploring HIPs identified by the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U). Additional information about the AAC&U identified HIPs can be found at .

For more information on the HIPs Inquiry Team, please contact one of our co-leads: Jude Navari at or Zaid Ghori at

Article by Janelle Barbier and Zaid Ghori

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