Are you doing notable or groundbreaking research? Do you know a teacher who is implementing a new method of teaching students and can talk about results.

We want to feature interesting and impactful Skyline College faculty work on the front page of our website to help bolster Skyline College’s reputation as a top higher-education destination. You’re doing great work both on and off campus and we’d like to hear about it.

If you, or a faculty member you know, is doing academic or extra-curricular work that deserves to be recognized and profiled in an article in our Featured News section of the website, we want to hear from you.

Articles will be personal in nature, and will profile one faculty member or group of faculty members and the work they are doing. Ideally, featured work will be fully formed, in process, and have some demonstrable results. A brief interview will take place before the article is written.

Examples of featurable stories include, but are not limited to:

  • A faculty member who has just had an academic paper published and can explain their work and the impact he/she hopes it will have on their field.
  • A group of faculty that have launched a new student-focused organization/program and can provide concrete examples of how they are seeing success.
  • A faculty member who just returned from a research trip abroad and can speak to what they learned and how they will use the experience moving forward.
  • A faculty member who recently had an art piece featured in a gallery or had creative writing published in a magazine or journal, and can also speak to how that piece influences their teaching style.

Please reach out directly to Connor Fitzpatrick at or (650) 738-7087 with any leads or to speak about your own work.

Article by Connor Fitzpatrick