violin violaThe students of the Violin/Viola class capped off their semester of study with a performance for the children at the Child Development Center just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Having spent the past few months learning string playing techniques and new repertoire, the violinists were able to entertain the children with popular tunes such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Pop Goes the Weasel.  Led by music instructor, Elizabeth Ingber, the young audience was introduced to how different sounds are created on the violin, the idea of low and high tones, and marching in time to the music.  When the musicians played the folk tune Cluck Old Hen, a few of the young listeners volunteered to act out the part of the hen.

To finish the performance the students played a Scottish march, The Laird of the Foveran, while the children marched around the room.  It’s always a pleasure to share music with the children at the Child Development Center. The class looks forward to future opportunities!

Article and Photo by Elizabeth Ingber

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