boo 2016 winnersThe All-USA/Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team application is now open. Nominated students are placed in competition for over $1,000,000 in national scholarship opportunities. In addition, scholarship and recognition opportunities are available through All-State Academic Team Programs.

Skyline College students have won the All-USA, Coca-Cola, Guistwhite, New Century, and $7,500 Hites scholarships in past years. Additionally Skyline College students have won the All-California scholarship every year since 1999.

One common application is used for all of these scholarships:

  • All-USA Academic Team
  • Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team
  • Coca-Cola New Century Scholarship
  • All-California Academic Team
  • Lifeline to Completion (Phi Theta Kappa members only)
  • Pearson (Phi Theta Kappa members only)
  • Guistwhite Scholarship (Phi Theta Kappa members only)
  • Hites Transfer Scholarship (Phi Theta Kappa members only)

Students can access the application at Phi Theta Kappa membership is not required. Criteria for these scholarships include GPA, scholarly activities, community service, and personal measures such as re-entry or self-supporting.

Please encourage students to apply. Applications are due November 3.

Article by Dr. Christine Case