Carlos RojaCarlos Rojo, a Doctoral student at UCSF, recently gave an exciting lecture to over 30 Skyline College students and faculty, many of whom are interested in entering the medical field.  The Science in Action Seminar series is open to the public on each Monday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.  Topics vary, but all invited speakers will talk about why they chose their career path and how they managed to balance their family life and school life and how they are paying for their education.

Carlos’ talk was particularly interesting because he stressed that students need to believe in themselves in order to earn their degree. He gave examples of how professors and colleagues can seem so knowledgeable, and you feel inadequate in comparison, but he stressed that feeling inadequate is the way everyone feels when they are just starting out at school and that If students believe in themselves then they have the opportunity to know just as much as everyone else.

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Photo: Skyline student Jeremy Sarnecky shares a laugh with Carlos Rojo, a Doctoral student at UCSF

Article by Nick Kapp