Transfer Center Students

Following a similar trend last fall, the Transfer Center saw a huge increase in requests for application support to UC and CSU, and an increase in the number of UC Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG) applicants. Overall there were 18% more UC applicants in the Fall 2016 application cycle compared to one year prior. Previous years have shown small gains, but this has been the most significant jump in recent years. This year, the UC reported 223 applicants compared to 190 last year. This year, the most popular campus remained UC Davis with 178 applicants, followed by 149 UC Berkeley applicants and 107 UC Santa Cruz applicants. CSU Data will not be available for quite some time, but strong gains are also expected.

Many thanks to the Counseling Division and the faculty and staff who volunteered to help students through the application process last Fall. Also, many thanks to all the faculty and staff who have worked to promote transfer on Campus and work to get more students through and out during this phase of the process. The College’s strong Transfer Initiative and Transfer Culture are clearly seeing results.

Article by Suzanne Poma