googleplus-avatar-roundThis year, Skyline College Transfer Students did very well in being admitted to 2 of our very competitive local UC campuses!

Through our partnerships, we have received preliminary numbers of admits for fall 2015 at UC Berkeley and UC Davis. At UC Davis, we have an impressive 88 students admitted and 20 still on the waitlist. Comparatively, 83 students were admitted last year. Over the past year, our UC Davis Representative Mayra Escobar has tirelessly dedicated her time to supporting Skyline College students transfer to Davis. With her continued presence and the presence of the UC Davis Transfer Opportunity Program, a program designed to support first generation underrepresented students, we expect the numbers to continue to grow and continue to be strong!

We also had a very impressive 33 students offered admissions at UC Berkeley for Fall 2015 or Spring 2016! This is the highest number of admitted students in recent years! The highest number was 30 in 2010! One of the biggest highlights is that 6 students were admitted into the very prestigious HAAS School of Business. In Fall 2014, only 91 transfer students were offered admissions to HAAS, with 1637 transfer students applying nation-wide. This is an extremely impressive accomplishment of these 6 students- one for us to celebrate!

To recognize the success of all Skyline College transfer students, the Transfer Center will be hosting a Transfer Achievement Recognition Dinner on Friday, May 22. It’s time to take a moment to celebrate our students success before we gear up to prepare the next group of transfer students this Fall!

Article by Suzanne Poma