Each year, over 100 students complete and submit a University of California (UC) Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG) Application from Sept. 1- Sept. 30th.

This year, we saw the largest jump in applicants in recent years – 66%, from 75 applicants for the Fall 2023 admissions cycle to 126 for the Fall 2024 cycle! The TAG outcomes are a great success, considering the previous year, the UC experienced a 12.6% decrease in transfer applicants. Coupled with eliminating Computer Science as a TAG major at some of the more popular campuses, the 2021-2022 decrease was likely due to CCC enrollment trends impacted by the pandemic. We are happy to share that we are back on track at Skyline College!

The Counseling Division and Student Equity and Support Programs worked to coordinate several more counseling appointments so that students’ TAG applications were reviewed. About 60% of our TAG applicants require a counselor evaluation and approval for UC Davis and UC Irvine. Thanks to a strong team of TAG Counselors and collaboration across programs, including Meta Majors Counseling, Promise, EOPS, TRiO, Honors Transfer Program, the International Student Program, and Learning Communities, we were able to meet all of our students’ needs. The Transfer Center and Promise Program collaborated in the summer to provide early Transfer Admissions Planner (TAP) workshops so students got a head start on the UC TAG and the UC application process. All six UC TAG campuses experienced an increase in applicants. Notably, there was a significant increase in applications to UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, and UC Irvine.

Some campuses will notify students of their TAG decision as early as mid-November, and others will be notified during the Spring 2024 semester.

Many thanks to the Faculty and Classified Professionals who helped promote the program and make the process smooth for our students. Thank you to the Skyline College “TAG” team, including sixteen counseling faculty members who helped us manage our unanticipated increased workload.

Article by Suzanne Poma and Ernesto Hernandez

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