Each year, approximately 100 students complete and submit a UC Transfer Admissions Guarantee Application from September 1- 30.

Following an upward trend, this year we saw the largest jump in applicants in recent years – 35%, from 92 applicants for the Fall 2015 admissions cycle to 124 for the Fall 2016 cycle!

The Counseling Division worked to accommodate several more counseling appointments so that students’ applications were reviewed. For about 80% of our applicants, a counselor review and approval is required for UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz and UC Irvine.  Thanks to a strong team of TAG Counselors, we were able to do meet all of our students’ needs! Every single one of the 6 participating UC campuses experienced an increase in applicants, notably there was a significant increase in applications to UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis and UC Irvine.  One UC representative always provides feedback that our students submit the most accurate TAGs compared to other campuses, due to our efficient student-centered process.

Students will be notified by some campuses of their TAG decision as early as mid- November and others will be notified during the Spring 2016 semester. We have experienced a great increase of students seeking application assistance for both the UC and CSU so this is likely following an upward UC and CSU admissions trend.

Many thanks to faculty and staff who helped promote the program, to the Transfer Center staff and student ambassadors for making the process smooth for our students and managing our unanticipated increased workload, and to the 7 TAG Counselors who reviewed TAGs up through mid- October!

Article by Suzanne Poma