true colors workshopOn October 5, 2016, Emily Ellis, a distinguished trainer, was brought to Skyline College in partnership with the Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Grant Initiative and delivered the True Colors Workplace Success workshop for the Skyline College Women’s Mentoring and Leadership Academy (SWMLA).  SWMLA is led by professor Danielle Powell with the help of TRiO counselor, Brianna Clay. The mission of SWMLA is empowering and transforming women to achieve personal and professional growth. SWMLA provides academic and social support to the women in the academy via group and individual mentoring, and through special events that are focused on the needs of the women on campus. This workshop was also open to students in Professor Danielle Powell’s Communication Studies courses, and students in the Guardian Scholars program.

The True Colors workshop was designed to help students discover and share elements of their personality and approach as a student and a team member, building an appreciation for diversity and strategies for reducing conflicts in school and beyond. Trainer, Emily Ellis led students through a series of activities that helped them to determine their personality preference based on the green, orange, blue and gold color design scheme of the True Colors assessment. Afterwards, students broke up into groups according to their primary color and the students engaged in discussions about their preferences for interacting with others in various contexts, and then the trainer shared different approaches to particular environments based on their personality type.

She also explained, based on research for the different color and personality types, what would be the ideal job for each color personality and what role they would perform at each job. Blue and orange colors were the most popular among our students. According to True Colors, blue personalities tend to value and appreciate a “harmonious working environment” and they tend to interact in ways that allow them to show support, concern and appreciation for others. They also appreciate the opportunity and freedom to express their feelings. Students with blue personality types need more one-on-one feedback.  Orange personalities tend to value and appreciate projects that are action-packed and that require a hands-on approach. Students with this personality type value the opportunity to be skillful and adventurous.  They also appreciate when their performance and skillfulness are praised.

This workshop was a huge success, where students gained insightful thoughts about their personalities and how to utilize them effectively in different environments.

Many thanks to Andrea Vizenor, Director of Career and Workforce Programs for organizing this event, and to Emily Ellis, True Colors workshop trainer, for providing students with an engaging and informative learning opportunity.

Article by Andrea Vizenor and Danielle Powell | Photos by Danielle Powell