Chanel DanielsTRiO Student Support Services (SSS) is thrilled to announce the hiring of its permanent Instructional Aide for English, Ms. Chanel Daniels.

Ms. Daniels brings an extensive educational and career portfolio to our program that will add rich texture to the academic access and equity upon which TRiO prides itself. Prior to her arrival at Skyline College, Ms. Daniels served as an English instructor for the EOP Program at San Francisco State University, where she also completed her Master’s degree in English Literature.

Most recently, Ms. Daniels served as faculty on our very own campus—as she assumed the role of Continuing Adjunct Professor teaching English during the fall term of 2014.

Buttressed by her love of learning, and fostering support for historically marginalized communities, Ms. Daniels, who was a first-generation college student herself, has been a phenomenal addition to the ethos of TRiO-Student Support Services. It is this fervent desire to engender a bridge “where learning is reciprocated, embraced as a tool for empowerment against injustice” that allows Ms. Daniels to earn the trust of so many of her beloved students. While her graduate education has provided Ms. Daniels with the theoretical background needed for college instruction and support, her cultural, linguistic, and salient background has allowed her to nurture spaces that propel what she prides as “the blossoming of others.”

In her spare time, Ms. Daniels relishes “the combination of cooking and absorbing literature like a sponge.” Her deep passion for leaving a positive watermark upon the lives of others will provide our TRiO students with another example of their own possibilities. Please join me in congratulating Chanel Daniels on her permanent appointment in the TRiO Department!

Article by Arash Daneshzadeh

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