voctor BarriosIt is our pleasure to introduce Victor Barrios to the Skyline College community.

Victor joined the TRiO SSS Program in Fall 2012, during his first semester at Skyline College.  During his time in TRiO, Victor has been an inspiration to many of our students. Victor’s story is truly remarkable.  Due to extenuating circumstances, Victor did not attend high school. However, in Fall 2012, he enrolled at Skyline College to pursue a degree in Engineering.

His passion for learning and his commitment to having a better future for himself and his loved ones have motivated him to excel academically. He has received numerous recognitions and awards at Skyline College. Victor works part-time as a TRiO peer tutor in the Learning Center and at SparkPoint.    In spite of his busy schedule, he is an active student in TRiO, EOPS, and MESA.  He is also an active member of SHPE.

In Victor’s own words:

“When I arrived at Skyline College, I didn’t have much but a goal to transfer to a university. Once I discovered TRIO and met the people involved in the program, I felt that I found a group of people that truly wanted me to succeed and people I could count on. Because of the program, I was able to remain in school when I had no money after receiving a grant from the program. Also, I was able to explore the UC Davis campus, which is my number one choice, only because TRIO allowed me the opportunity to visit. It was a hard transition enrolling into college but it was the greatest decision I made in my young life. I am truly living a dream by being a student at Skyline College, a humbling reality that was made possible by my TRIO family.”

Victor will be transferring in Fall 2015 to continue pursuing his degree in Engineering. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors!

Article by Jessica Lopez