Skyline College’s TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) Program provides wrap around services for TRiO students on their path to graduate and transfer to a four-year university within four years. An important component to these wrap around services is the individualized counseling TRiO students receive upon admission to the program until they accomplish their educational goals at Skyline College.

Since the initial counseling appointment, student and counselor work together to build a strong working relationship and work closely to identify the student’s academic, career, and personal goals. As part of their commitment to TRiO, students are required to meet with a TRiO counselor at least two times during the semester. During these counseling appointments, the TRiO counselor connects students to academic support services, like one-on-one tutoring and supplemental instruction. Furthermore, student and counselor work collaboratively to develop and update a Student Education Plan (SEP), which encompasses the student’s short and long-term academic goals and includes General Education coursework and lower division major preparation for graduation and transfer.

In addition to educational and transfer planning, the TRiO counselor provides career and personal counseling and assists TRiO students in developing effective study skills to help them be successful during their academic journey!
Please encourage students to apply to TRiO. The application can be found online at or they can stop by the Learning Center.

Article written by Guillermo Villanueva and Jessica Lopez.