Trio End of Semester Celebration 1Last Friday, December 5, TRiO-SSS celebrated the close of a successful Fall semester of academic prosperity through a cultural potluck. This event allowed students, faculty, and staff to celebrate a wealth of cultural literacy through conversation, song, stories, and food! This year’s Potluck Celebration was no exception, as we shared food from a host of geographical regions and ethnic frameworks, including Persian, Italian, Greek, Mexican and a broad swath of American dishes. The variety of food was also demonstrated in the desserts, a vehicle for rich conversation on historical understanding.

trio end of yearDuring the event, students and staff engaged in an activity where they shared the genesis behind their respective holidays and how they are celebrated in their families and cultures. Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud, President of Skyline College, graciously joined in the lively discussion around the importance of community-building and culture-sharing. It was a great time for reflection!

We want to thank all students and staff who contributed to make this wonderful event a reality

Article by Daniel Erazo | Photos by Cindy Castillo