Skyline College’s annual Transfer Day was held on Thursday, Oct. 19.

The Transfer Center welcomed over 32 universities to our annual fall event. The representation of universities was excellent as many UC and CSU campuses, along with multiple private and out-of-state universities attended the event. Additionally, our Transfer Day also welcomed coordinators for California Community Colleges’ Transfer Guarantee to HBCUs.

The event was well-attended by our Skyline College community of students, faculty, and staff. While more than 250 students officially signed in for the event, it is estimated that more than 350 students attended. Many faculty stopped by in support of Alma Mater Day.

It was an incredible experience for students, as they met with university representatives, and gained insight into admission requirements and opportunities available. It was also exciting to see hundreds of students carry materials, brochures, and gift items provided by our university partners.

Through our evaluations the Transfer Center collected from students, it was apparent students enjoyed the event and gained an understanding of university and program options that are available for transfer. One student commented, “This is very awesome to have school representatives here.” Many other students expressed that they were able to learn more about the colleges and universities they are interested in transferring to and what majors they offer so that they can make well informed decisions when it comes time to submitting applications. The Transfer Center staff and volunteers that participated in this event also did an excellent job engaging students as they walked into building six, as a student shared, “I wasn’t going to attend, however, the staff made me feel comfortable to go check it out!”

Transfer Day would not have been a success without the support of university partners. Feedback from the event was positive as many of the representatives were impressed with student and faculty participation. One wrote, “I thoroughly enjoyed conversations with both staff and students.” University partners also shared that they were impressed by student’s level of understanding around transfer and about the transfer culture, a representatives wrote, “I’m very impressed with the student engagement.”

The Transfer Center is grateful to all the faculty that encouraged their students to attend this event, with many instructors bringing their students directly into building 6. We also appreciate the excellent participation in our Alma Mater Day by staff and faculty. We are thankful that our community continues to foster a transfer culture. We are also grateful to the learning communities, and student service departments that tabled for Transfer Day. Lastly, the Transfer Center is extremely grateful to all the fantastic individuals in our Facility Planning, Maintenance, and Operations Team, who helped organize and set up our Transfer Day.

With that said, we are now in the month of November, and we encourage all staff and faculty to constantly remind their students of the UC and CSU application deadline of Nov. 30. We also want all of our community to continue to recommend Transfer Center services to all of our students, as we get closer to the November 30th deadline!

Article by Ernesto Hernandez & Lucy Jovel

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