The Transfer Center hosted, “Student Breaking Barriers,” a virtual student alumni panel. Attendees got the opportunity to hear from three phenomenal alumni– Chantel Giner, a Psychology major in her final semester at San Francisco State, Briana Miranda a Psychological Science major in her second quarter at UC Irvine, and Manuel ‘Manny’ Verdin a Criminal Justice major in his last semester at San Francisco State. The panelist shared narratives of their educational experiences that inspired and motivated the audience. The conversation centered around ways in which Skyline helped them prepare for transfer and their future careers, advice they had for students considering transfer, and the importance of using different resources.

Each panelist shared their rich experiences at each of their campuses, but what was most apparent was their desire to give back to Skyline because of the relationships they built. Manny Verdin highlighted the difference he sees between institutions stating that Skyline provided him with a strong support system a, “close knit community…[with] a lot of resources and a lot of people reaching out to you,” highlighting that at the university, “it’s a bigger environment so there’s more people…it’s a little bit harder to keep track of everyone, so you kind of have to search out those opportunities and resources for yourself.” Briana Miranda reminded students that they did not have to do things on their own sharing that the educational journey, “doesn’t have to be a lonely journey.” This sentiment was shared by all three panelists. It was CIPHER alum, Chantel Giner that continued to motivate students by reminding them to, “set a goal for yourself, it is attainable as long as you put the hard work into it. Even if it is a path that has never been taken before in your family.”

Overall the transfer panel was an inspirational experience and would not have been possible without the support of over 30 students, faculty and staff in attendance. A special note of appreciation to Rolando Mutul, Transfer Center Ambassador, who brought the alumni together to share their unique college journey. The Transfer Center is appreciative of the continued support that allows us to create spaces for students to share their experiences. If you were unable to catch the event you can watch the recording here.

Article by Jackie Flores & Lucy Jovel

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