The Transfer Initiative Advisory Committee had its first meeting on Tuesday, September 17th and over 15 faculty and staff attended the meeting to provide input and oversight on the Transfer Initiative.

As part of Skyline College’s College goal to “develop the scope, quality, accessibility and accountability of instructional and student service offerings, programs and services to lead the San Francisco Bay region in transferring students, awarding degrees and certificates and reflecting social and educational equity,” Skyline College has established a Transfer Initiative.

The role of the Committee is to bring faculty and staff from various disciplines as the Transfer Initiative Advisory Committee, to explore how we can achieve the goal of increasing Skyline College transfer rates to four year universities.

The goal of the Transfer Advisory Committee will be to:

Build on the efforts of the Transfer Initiative, to lead and support campus-wide efforts to:

  • Develop Skyline College’s Transfer Culture
  • Become a leading Transfer Institution in the State
  • Work to achieve the goal of achieving social and educational equity in Transfer

There was great discussion and ideas put forth on how Skyline College can increase its overall Transfer Culture.

If you would like to join the conversation and increase Skyline Colleges transfer culture and transfer rates, please join us for our next meeting. For more information, please contact Suzanne Poma, Counselor/Transfer Center Coordinator or visit our website at:

Article by Suzanne Poma.