transfer-fairOn Wednesday, March 12, the Transfer Center hosted the 6 Annual Transfer Fair. The Fair hosted over 20 private colleges and universities who were available to answer student questions about transferring to their campuses. This year out of state universities were invited and University of Nevado, Reno and Arizona State University attended.  College representatives commented on how impressed they were with the questions and preparedness of our students. The Transfer Fair was very well attended – over 150 students signed in to participate and additionally several classes came through. Over 20 Faculty and Staff came through as well.

Over 90 students completed student evaluations and their responses were overwhelmingly positive. One student said that “they learned about tuition for schools and about the many bachelor degrees private schools offer”. Another student said that she “learned there are many colleges that have her major, which leaves room for many options to transfer”.  In addition to learning about private and out of state colleges, students were able to learn more about the various programs and services offered by the Transfer Center, Career Center, the Learning Center, the TRiO Program, Associated Students and among other programs that support transfer on campus.

Many thanks to the English, Math Faculty, Business Division and Counseling Faculty who brought their classes to the fair, and to faculty from various disciplines who offered extra credit for attending the event!!!

Special thanks to DeVry University for providing lunch for the day, Palo Alto University for providing breakfast and for the Transfer Center Ambassadors and staff for their efforts in making the day run seamlessly!

Alma Mater Day a great success!

In the spirit of promoting a campus-wide transfer culture and encouraging students to and inquire about and plan for transfer, the Transfer Center hosted Alma Mater Day.

In addition to campus announcement and emails, this is the first time Alma Mater Day was announced to the students through a campus-wide GWAMAIL. Over 15 faculty and staff from the Counseling Division alone participated! Several other faculty and staff from various divisions participated as well!

Thanks to those who participated and took the time to talk to students about transfer and their experience attending a four-year university!

Articles by Suzanne Poma