On Monday, October 21, Skyline College welcomed over 40 colleges from UC, CSU, private and out-of-state universities to our campus to meet with our students. There was a great turnout among students and several instructional faculty brought their classes to attend the event.

Many of the representatives were excited to see so many students visiting with them and they were impressed with how well Skyline College students were prepared with questions for them about their goals. Hundreds of students attended and over 200 students completed evaluations, which will contribute to the Transfer Center’s evaluation process for our Program Student Learning Outcomes. And so far, the surveys show that there was an overwhelmingly positive response to the event. One student indicated that he/she, “learned great tips from the reps to use prior to transfer”. Many other students expressed that they were able to learn more about the colleges and universities they are interested in transferring to in the next year. Others expressed that they have become more aware of what they need to do to get to the colleges and universities of their choice.

And special thanks to all faculty who were able to bring their students to the event and to all the faculty who offered extra credit for attending.TransferDay1

Additionally, the Transfer Center hosted an Alma Mater Day as a way to raise awareness about transfer and increase our Transfer Culture, a goal of the Transfer Initiative. Over 20 faculty and staff participated.

And the winners of the Faculty and Staff drawing for Alma Mater Day are…

  • Wine Gift Basket – Goldie Lee, Program Services Coordinator, Assessment, B.A. Criminal Justice Studies, M. Ed Administration, SFSU
  • Coffee Gift Basket- Rob Williams, Associate Professor, English B.A. Arizona State University, Tempe, M.F.A. Columbia University
  • Movie Tickets – Joyce Lee, Professor, Counselor B.A. UC Berkeley, M.S., SFSU
  • And the most faculty from 1 campus: UCSB! Go Gauchos!


John Chavez, Suzanne Poma, Sarita Santos and Nohel Corral

Did you miss Alma Mater Day?

Not to worry! Alma Mater Day will continue on into November too! On Fridays through the month November, please participate by wearing your gear! As students apply to colleges this fall, it helps them to think and explore different options and keep the transfer conversation going!

Do you know your fellow alumni from your Alma Mater on campus? Gather for a picture by the end of November and the largest alumni group that submits a picture wearing their Alma Mater gear will win a free lunch! There are plenty of Gators, Bears, Spartans, Agies and ??? out there!

Article by Suzanne Poma and Michele Haggar, Photos by Michele Haggar.