students touring Santa CruzOn March 18 the Transfer Center took a group of nearly 40 Skyline College students to San Jose State University.  The students were able to tour the campus, eat in the Dining Commons and get a special Housing Tour as well. Many students reported not being sure about applying to the campus, but after attending the tour they planned to add it to their list of colleges they are going to apply to for in the fall. And in attendance were a group of admitted students who were able to learn about the opportunities available at this campus so that they could make a more informed decision in attending the campus this upcoming Fall.

On April 22, a group of nearly 40 Skyline College students attended a tour to UC Santa Cruz. A large group from the PACE learning community attended as well. Students received a full 1.5 hour tour of the campus, up and down the many hills despite the rain. They also received a personal Admissions presentation from their Admissions Advisor.

Students who attended these tours learned a lot about each campus, were actively engaged in trivia on the bus ride home and provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on the surveys.  For many of our students, this may have been their first opportunity to tour a UC campus or consider UC Santa Cruz and to visit any campus outside of the immediate area. By gaining exposure to the campus environments, students are able to learn about not only opportunities, but also where they see themselves after they transfer.

This is the third year the Transfer Center has been able to host three Campus Tours in the Spring semester and this year were able to travel further due to an increase in funding. Campus Tours support students’ process in “Getting Through” and “Getting Out” and provide the opportunity for students who may not otherwise have the resources to get to visit these campuses.

Article written by Suzanne Poma and Michele Haggar