Set to leave on her first international build with Habitat for Humanity, Skyline College student, Latasha Washington is enthusiastic about constructing affordable housing in Cape Town, South Africa. Having volunteered with HFH domestically, driving nails and drywall are not new to her. Ms. Washington is a vibrant student and active member of the Women in Transition Program and ASTEP. She is co-founder of POP! which is a club for students who are Parents without Partners.

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Habitat for Humanity requires of its participants to cover their own expenses. For a student and single mom, that price tag was significant ($4,939!) but she was not to be deterred. She pursued fundraising by selling hot dogs, pizza, and requested donations. The Skyline College community has been most generous in assisting her with fund raising for which she has expressed deep gratitude. She has met her goal with a $2500 scholarship from the San Mateo Community College Foundation, and the rest was made up from donations from students, faculty, staff and administrators. Most impressively, approximately 506 students contributed to her cause.

photo 3Reflective of her deeper core values, she feels it’s critically important to be aware of people who struggle for basic necessities and to give back to the community. She intends to share her experience with the Skyline College campus when she returns and to encourage other students to take up the HFH challenge. Ms. Washington will be transferring to Howard University next spring where she will complete her BA. Her ultimate goal is to become a lawyer.

It’s so appropriate to highlight this exceptional member of our Skyline College community —Latasha Shines.

Article by Lori Slicton | Photo by Latasha Washington