As we emerge from a post COVID-19 world, Skyline College welcomes our Executive in Residence at our Collaborative Innovation Center funded by the President Innovation Fund. Our Insights Webinar on Preparing for the Post-Pandemic Future took place on Friday, May 7th. The event opened with a warm welcome from Dr. Hui Pate, a Business professor and Co-director of the PIF Grant between the Business, Education and Professional Programs Division and the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Divisions. Our Keynote speaker, a global business executive, Mr. Frank Rexach talked about how the impact of a convergence of new technologies and trends are contributing to the acceleration of major breakthroughs that will shape our future business world. The key topics included:

  • How the rate of technological progress is about to shift exponentially.
  • What exciting and imminent innovations are in store given the convergence of new technologies.
  • What the impact of these technologies and trends will be on industry, culture, science, and daily life.
  • What students can do to position themselves for the new career opportunities as corporations look to advanced talent to address new and emerging realities.

The event was very thought-provoking and eye-opening for our Skyline College community. Many participants were engaged in a lively dialogue on how the Post-COVID world is challenging everything from start-ups and large corporations to business leaders and students in identifying new ways to unlock innovation and future opportunities. This webinar was the center’s second webinar for our Executive Speaker Series. It proved to be another successful event with incredible value and action-driven strategies.

We would like to extend our thanks to our Keynote speaker, Mr. Frank Rexach, a senior partner at Knight Frank Australia, as well as our participants, our College MCPR team, and Mr. Roger Marcelo.


Article by Hui Pate

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