The Paralegal Program at Skyline College is now officially an ABA-approved program!

Hundreds of hours of work and several years of work went into the application process and the preparation for the ABA site team’s visit. In Fall 2016, Skyline College applied to the American Bar Association (ABA) for approval of the Program. In Summer 2017, the ABA completed its review of the Program’s application and scheduled Skyline College for a site visit on February 19 – 21, 2018. In August, 2018, after a successful site visit, the ABA granted approval to Program.

While the program is already strong and graduates are getting jobs, ABA approval could provide program graduates with an additional edge in the competitive legal job market and raise awareness of the program among potential students and legal employers.

Many staff members, paralegal professionals, and alums have supported the Program throughout the application process. Their support and the tireless efforts of the paralegal faculty helped transform the Program into an effective one. We would like to thank College President Regina Stanback Stroud for her commitment to the program and for providing sufficient resources for its growth. Her vision, along with the dedication of the faculty, staff, students and community have yielded good results. In the words of the ABA site team:

“The Skyline Paralegal Program is an impressive program under the capable direction of Jesse Raskin. The Program is well-positioned in the community it serves. It has a dedicated, knowledgeable, and supportive administration, from the Program Director to the College President. It has a motivated, talented, and diverse faculty and an enthusiastic student body. Its Advisory Committee is very active and engaged.”

The Paralegal Program at large is thrilled with the news! We look forward to collaborating across the College, with our Advisory Committee, and with alums and current students, to ensure that we continue to grow and excel. For more information about the Paralegal Program, please contact Jesse Raskin, or visit

Article by Maria Segarra and Jesse Raskin

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