Outreach Exclusive 1On Thursday, March 12, Skyline College hosted the first ever Outreach Exclusive Event in the Theater. The goal of the event was to raise money for the Darryl Burns Memorial Outreach Scholarship, which was named for the late father of CRSB’s co-lead singer Sonny Burns, who passed away from cancer last year.

The event was a great success; over 200 people attended the event and we raised over $500 for the scholarship. The headliner was CRSB, a musical duo based out of the San Francisco Bay Area who created their own brand of Island Soul-Infused pop. Since 2009 CRSB has had three #1 songs and 5 top hits on the Hawaiian radio wave and they performed them all for us. CRSB had the Skyline College crowd screaming and cheering at the top of their voices with every song they performed and they brought the house down.

Outreach Exclusive 1 Besides CRSB, Skyline College also set the night on fire when Skyline College students took the stage. Melvin Gutierrez started the night off right with his smooth, sultry voice doing an acoustic set with just his ukulele. Following Melvin was Skyline College’s own HOLLADOUGHBLEH. She set the tone the minute her words started flowing from her mouth. She was also joined by her brother and special guest Counselor Nate Nevado. The last group to hit the stage before CRSB was Los Dos, a dynamic duo that consisted of the Urban Youth Society’s MC Aztec and Professor John Ulloa. These two fly gentlemen fused hip-hop with traditional percussion sounds and rocked out the Skyline College stage. Big Body Cisco DJed and co-MCed the event with Outreach Coordinator Florentino Ubungen.

The event was a great success and there was nothing but love and good vibes throughout the whole event. If you would like to see videos and pictures, go to the Skyline College Instagram @skyline_college.

Article by Florentino Ubungen | Photos by Amanda Bortoli