undocuweekThroughout Skyline College’s 2nd Annual UndocuWeek, the Library hosted a series of crafting and story-sharing opportunities for the students, staff, faculty, and administrators of Skyline College to show their support for undocumented students.

Folks that visited were invited to support in different ways. Any visitor could create a paper flower in solidarity with undocumented students and place it on the wall. Additionally, folks were invited to fill out a piece of paper titled “My immigrant story is…” where they could share their stories, family stories, support for immigrant students, or anything else that the prompt brought up for them. Educators were also encouraged to take a picture as an “Unafraid Educator” who supports undocumented students.

The wall is a beautiful display of solidarity, resilience, and the courage it takes to share one’s story. The wall will continue to be up for the next couple of weeks so we invite you to come read some of the really powerful stories shared by the Skyline College community, and even add your own story, picture, or paper flower!

Article and Photo by Pamela Ortiz Cerda

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