The Kababayan Learning Community (KLC) held two annual events, the KLC Open House and Kapatiran Mentorship Mixer, to kick off the month of October, which is Filipino American History Month. Both events aim to build student retention through community building and peer support.

KLC Open House

Photo Caption: Students coordinated and facilitated program and activities for the Kababayan Learning Community Fall 2013 Open House.

This year’s KLC Open House was themed “Barrio Fiesta,” which is reminiscent of annual community celebrations in various Philippine provinces. The Filipino Student Union and students of ENGL 103 coordinated the program, which included an introduction to the learning community, its instructors, and services. This was a great event for new students to learn about the KLC and to meet active students and faculty. A special thanks to Mary Gutierrez, Dean of Language Arts/Learning Resources; Arielle Smith, FYE Coordinator; Tim Dupre, ASTEP Counselor; Dr. Rod Daus-Magbual, Sociology instructor; and Dr. Reina Bautista, Filipino instructor, for their attendance and support of the event.


Photo Caption: Top: Kapatiran Mentorship Program group picture. Bottom Left: KMP mentors prepare to meet their mentees. Bottom Right: Respective KMP mentors and mentees are revealed to one another.

KLC also held its annual Kapatiran Mentorship Program (KMP) Mixer where mentors and mentees meet each other for the first time. This program aims to build peer support by matching students who have completed KLC courses with students who are new to the learning community. This year’s mixer was coordinated by KLC alumnus, Allan Gargaritano, and the event’s program included icebreakers, the mentee-mentor reveal, and mentorship agreement activities. The mentors and mentees are encouraged to provide academic, social, and emotional support for one another as a means to increase academic success.

A special thanks to Kababayan advisors and faculty members, including Grace Burns, Liza Erpelo, Melanie Espinueva, Nate Nevado, and Janice Sapigao who supported the event’s activities.

Article submitted by Melanie Espinueva, Photos by Melanie Espinueva and Nate Nevado.