student holding flag of brazilThe Skyline College International Student Program (ISP) and the International Affairs Student Club (IASC) hosted an event to highlight Latin American culture on Wednesday, March 23 in the Multicultural Centre in Building 4. The celebration was also part of the Day of Action event in honor of Cesar Chavez that took place on the same day on campus. Sori Mosquera, President of the International Affairs Student Club, was dressed in traditional Venezuelan attire and welcomed the guests to the celebration. Authentic Brazilian food such as Kibe (fried Beef kebabs), Coxinha (chicken croquettes) and Enroladinho de queijo (sweet cheese bread) along with a Columbian Chocolate beverage were served at the event as well.

Guests were captivated by the Latin music and dance clips that were shown and enjoyed the presentation by the Skyline college IASC President, Sori Mosquera. Her speech educated the audience on the different languages, dialects and differences between the Latin American countries as well as interesting facts about each country including geographical information about the region.

We thank everyone who came to celebrate with us and we look forward to celebrating more events with even more of you! Please contact ISP office at or call (650) 738-7021 for more information.

Article by Sujaya Chandran | Photo by Chikako Walker