Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 2 at 3:00pm, when the Human Library returns for its fifth year! If you’re not familiar, the Human Library is a virtual session – hosted by Skyline College Library – where you can enjoy a conversation with a “human book,” usually a member of our community who is interested in sharing their story.

How does it work? As a “reader,” you’ll select one or two human books to “check out,” usually for 25 minutes at a time, and have a conversation together on Zoom (facilitated by the Library). It’s an opportunity to ask questions about their lives and the stories they have chosen to share, and receive honest answers in return.

The Human Library provides a chance to meet people from different backgrounds and learn about their experiences – particularly people who have felt the sting of prejudice, stigma, and marginalization.

Any member of our community is welcome to participate as a “reader.” Beginning October 25, you may sign up for one or two 25 minute courageous conversations here:

You’ll find all of our previous books described in the Human Book Archive:

We encourage instructors to consider offering credit for student participation. Please contact Pia Walawalkar, Equity & Outreach Librarian, with questions: <>

Last but not least: the Human Library is a popular event. Don’t forget to sign up beginning October 25 to reserve your “human book(s).” We’ll see you November 2!

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp

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